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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A VA is an independent business owner who provides creative or administrative support from a remote location. A successful VA is very computer savvy, self motivated, and has excellent skills in typing, spelling, and grammar. Most VAs specialize in one or more of the following: accounting, association management, coaching support, concierge services, database design and management, desktop publishing, editing and proofreading, executive assistance, graphic design and editing, internet commerce, language translation, legal and paralegal services, live phone answering, mailing services, marketing and advertising, multimedia presentations, non-profit support, other administrative services, project management, real estate support, research and development, transcription services, website design, word processing.

What are the advantages of working with a VA?

Partnering with a Virtual Assistant costs less than hiring an employee since VAs are responsible for their own health benefits, holiday pay, employer FICA contributions, and worker compensation insurance. As a fellow small business owner, the VA has a vested interest in your success.

How will we be able to work together from two locations?

We will always communicate effectively with you in a variety of ways: traditional phone call, e-mail, Skype, instant messenger, fax, video conferencing, Twitter, or Facebook, or any other method you are comfortable with.

Who uses the services of a virtual assistant?

Individuals, groups, busy professionals, and small businesses are most likely to work with a VA on a regular basis or as their help is needed.

What if we need a service that Delta Oaks Design doesn't provide?

Just ask us for a referral. We have developed a large, professional network in the printing and online development industries. We will most likely know someone that can help.


We know how to get it done.

Website hosting

We can create a custom website for you on our server at (mt) or transfer your existing website if it is currently being hosted by another company. MediaTemple is trusted by companies like Sony, Toyota, Adobe, and Starbucks to host their websites. We highly recommend them to you.

Our account at MediaTemple gives us plenty of storage, bandwidth, e-mail addresses, and allows for future growth. The reliable Apache servers at MediaTemple feature MySQL/PHP database, Drupal content management system (CMS), WordPress blogging, and ZenCart shopping cart.

MediaTemple's servers are monitored 24/7/365 and use technology that assures they rarely have any problems. You can monitor the System Status at any time.

Delta Oaks Design can usually work on your website wherever it is, but there might be a bit of a learning curve if it is on a platform we don't have experience with. Additionally, some companies do not allow any access to website files hosted by them. Because of this, the website would have to be moved before we could make any changes.

Domain name registration

We can help you get a new domain name registered for your company or transfer one to a new Registrar. We use to register our domain names but there are many other Registrars to choose from. You will be responsible for any costs that your Registrar bills you for and your website might go down if renewal payments are not paid to them on time.


When you host your website on our server, each member of your company or group can have their own unique e-mail address and get their e-mail online, or access it by setting up a new account in their e-mail software, or have it forwarded to any other e-mail address. Each person also gets their own uControl panel to manage their password and customize their spam settings!

FTP (file transfer protocol)

Please let us know if you would like to make your own website updates when it is being hosted on the Delta Oaks Design server at Media Temple. We can give you or anyone in your office access to one individual page or the whole site. The choice is yours.

Content can be added from other websites

We can use other online services to add content feeds to your website.

Some examples:

  • Auction Calendar from your account at or
  • Video from your account at
  • Messages from your accounts at Facebook, Twitter, or Skype.
Making updates to your website

Ongoing updates and additions to your website will always be made with a quick response time and quality assurance. You can always rely on our professionalism. If you or someone in your office is familiar with HTML and you decide to make your own updates, no problem. We can give you access to one page or the whole site.

Adding your brochures or flyers to your website

Your company brochures can be posted quickly to your website in a wide variety of formats like HTML or PDF. You will need to provide us with the digital files or a PDF file to work with. If your brochure is being printed, you can have your printing company transfer the job file (Quark, InDesign, Publisher, etc.), images, and PDF to us by e-mail or FTP.

Google Analytics

We can use Google Analytics to keep track of the amount of visitors that are coming to your website, the pages they are visiting, where they are coming from, etc. Reports can be e-mailed to you daily, weekly, or monthly.

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